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Snake Facts . . . . . . . . .

People fear snakes for several reasons.  Sometimes it's the result of a frightening experience as a child (which is understandable, and can be cured like the fear of dogs or spiders). Often fear is based on a lack of knowledge about snakes, and an irrational fear that they may be "poisonous." In actuality, less than 20% of all the snakes in the world have venom that is harmful to humans.
South Florida has many species of snakes. Most of them are non-poisonous such as the Black
Racer and Coachwhip, Rat, hognose and several varieties of water snakes.


We have three species of venomous snakes in our geographical region: Coral Snake, Rattlesnake, and Water Moccasin.

Ways to prevent snakes from gaining access into a structure:

Snakes will occasionally visit the exterior areas of buildings in south Florida, particularly in western Broward and Palm Beach counties.

There are several actions a homeowner can take to minimize snake intrusion into their homes.

1. Keep landscape plants cut away from the walls by leaving a buffer zone at least 18-24 from
foundation walls.

2. Inspect home foundations. Make sure all doors and thresholds are flush and any opening for possible snake entry points are sealed.

A Guide to Florida Snakes


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