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Mosquito Catcher

Now! A Mosquito Product that works as well as the most expensive units, yet costs 85% Less than other units! Plus, no LP Gas! No Flames, No Pesticides. Just plug it in and watch it work!

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How It Works:
State-of-the-art technology, combined with electronic controls, engineered to specifically attract mosquitoes.

Low profile - fits anywhere
No Rust - powder-coated metal
3-Position switch

Simple Operation:
ON Continuous operation. AUTO Light sensor controlled for night time operation.
Short and long legs for use anywhere.


Simple operation -attach legs and turn it on
Quiet Operation
No LP Gas tanks to purchase
No LP Gas tanks to fill
No flame
No sticky pads or tape to replace
No high-voltage zapping
No dangerous pesticides
No fogging the yard

Where Used: Backyard, Porch, Patio, Balcony
Designed for use where families spend their time ... in the backyard.

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