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Opossum Facts . . . . . . . . .

Opossums are from the marsupial family and are therefore closely related to kangaroo and Tasmanian devils etc. It is actually quite amazing that they aren't easily wiped out by predators. They are slow of both body and mind and are easily found. Often being smelly, they canít out run or out maneuver predators. They lack any real defenses to fend off attacks.

While they have large mouths and teeth for their size, they are weak jawed and cannot effect much damage... and they know it! But the attacker does not! They survive by faking a number of instincts in attacking predators. They look like giant rats and have large toothy mouths and can look instinctively dangerous. They can hiss like a big cat... instinctive clue of a deadly superior predator! They can play "sick" dead... Predators won't bother with the body of a dead animal that looks to have died sick. Instincts tell them it might make them sick if they consume it. Apparently that bag of passive tricks is enough to keep the species thriving!

Opossums are a numerous and common pest animal across the country. They are surprisingly excellent climbers and frequently slink into the attic or crawlspace of a home. The opossum doesn't typically break entry into the home, but instead uses holes already present. Opossums go into buildings for warmth and safety.



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